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About Me

  • Rhonda Kronyk
I fully admit it: I'm nosy. Seriously. I don't know if writing or curiosity came first, but I can't separate the two. And I don't really want to.

Everybody has a story and I love telling them. There's lots of advantages to being a writer: I get to work with words, I meet incredible people, and I get to ask questions that nobody else would dare ask!

My story is pretty simple: single mom, university, construction job on the side, and an injury that forced me to leave construction and find a new career. Voila! Here I am.

So, if you're looking for a writer or an editor (yup, I do both), then check out the services I offer and give me a call or send an email when you're ready. Even though I'm nosy, I promise not to threaten you with torture to force you to talk!