Rhonda Kronyk

  • I own a Roget bio called The Man Who Made Lists. Fascinating life. I'll have to check this one out - thanks t.co/N08dIM1nII

  • I need life to actually be this sweet & innocent. In the meantime, enjoy this slice of life t.co/bVtRZVUpJF

  • I'm not anti-NDP: we've watched our democracy disappear for yrs. Looking for a LEADER who wants to preserve it. @ThomasMulcair should debate

  • .@ThomasMulcair pulling out of the debates feels like typical political posturing that has nothing to do with democracy #ItsAllAboutThatEgo

  • It's disappointing when you are trying to decide which non-Harper gov't to support and @ThomasMulcair decides to emulate Harper - no debate