Rhonda Kronyk

  • RT @lindork: Sigh. Hearing people say they don't vote and won't vote this election is just so so frustrating. This is why there is no chang…

  • RT @CreateTheRipple: Fabulous ! t.co/YXQrEa8ZUm #employeeengagement #survey Create a great inside! @alivewithideas t.co/tSbtc

  • RT @WipeHomophobia: "Being gay is not a Western invention. It is a human reality." ~Hillary Clinton

  • RT @devonmward: Why everyone should have a friend who's a writer. t.co/h4r9XWH8Gj

  • RT @cbaskerville: Albertans just don't get it! #abvote #ableg #lifewithpcaa t.co/toSsKIqc3y