Rhonda Kronyk

  • I vote for reading in whatever way works best for you - the content is more important than the form @EPLdotCA

  • RT @CityAge: Why the next wave of thriving cities are focused on developing home-grown talent, by Lumina CEO @jamiemerisotis t.co/J

  • Maybe it's time for the media to stop covering events where candidates won't answer questions t.co/p0j5l56CV2

  • RT @pmoharper: My party is unaware that you can't steal donations from supporters of other parties. t.co/Y7MdfYVuq8 #elxn42 #cdnpoli

  • RT @FeehanRichard: Let's make this happen: End child poverty in our time. I'm committed. t.co/iEYHf0UYAV