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"White Indigenous Woman"

White Indigenous Woman is published in a collection called In This Together: Fifteen Stories of Truth and Reconciliation. Editor Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail (Brindle & Glass, 2016).

From the book cover:

Evocative and unsettling, In This Together is an eye-opening collection of personal essays by Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors from across Canada. Without flinching, the contributors – including journalists, academics, and artists – each explore their own “aha” moments regarding Canada’s colonial past and present to ask how we can all move forward in a spirit of reconciliation and anti-racism.

Featuring a candid conversation between the Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair and CBC radio host Shelagh Rogers, this book is both a catalyst for self-reflection and a call to action.

T8N Magazine

I have written several stories for T8N, one of my favorite local magazines.

Click the links to read my work for T8N.

The Yards Edmonton

My story for The Yards Magazine about homelessness amidst Edmonton’s rapidly developing downtown was nominated for a AMPA short feature award in 2016.

There’s A Tale of Two Cities in the New Downtown: Can homeless services and the business community create a core that’s safe and welcoming for all? Winter 2015

Alberta Venture

I had the privilege to get two Arts degrees from a an excellent university. I wrote a story for Alberta Venture about the ways Arts graduates can help companies survive economic downturns and how we fund Arts programs.

Giving the Liberal Arts Their Due: Will corporate Alberta help liberal arts graduates enter the business world? Should they?

Edmonton Heritage Council

The Edmonton Heritage Council encourages citizens to contribute stories about Edmonton. In 2015 I wrote several entries for Edmonton Maps Heritage that tell about some local sites that are important to Indigenous peoples in Edmonton. As part of that contract, I also wrote an essay for the Edmonton City as Museum Project that links some of the sites to a broader theme of cultural preservation.

ECAMP Essay –Subverting Edmonton: When Acts of Subversion Become Acts of Cultural Survival

Edmonton Woman Magazine

My first magazine byline was in Edmonton Woman magazine. For just over a year, I frequently contributed stories ranging from volunteerism to a film festival celebrating women.

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  • Brewing Change: A local professor has inaugurated a new film festival that highlights women’s achievements for justice and equality– and inspires us to do more. March 2016
  • The Art of Mind Games: Artist Lisa Turner makes new meaning out of familiar shapes. November 2015
  • Sowing Soul in the City: Three women are at the forefront of the City of Edmonton’s initiatives to bring art to the public and the public to art. September 2015
  • Rising to the Occasion: By sharing her culture and life experiences, Miranda Jimmy hopes to heal the wounds left by Residential Schools. September 2015
  • Twice the Talent: Born and raised in Edmonton, elite athletes Katherine and Michelle Plouffe are taking Canada’s National Women’s Basketball team to the top. July 2015
  • A New Direction: Partnerships are key to leadership, says the newly minted president of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. May 2015
  • The Ruth Truth: Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai prepares to speak from the heart at the upcoming Enbridge Speakers Series on women and leadership. May 2015
  • Edmonton Offers Winter Fitness Ideas. January 2015
  • Rayanne Forbes: The Condition of Giving. January 2015
  • Freedom of Tweet: How sharing information resulted in a defamation suit against Kikki Planet. December 2014

Edmonton Senior Newspaper

I was fortunate to meet all of my grandparents; my grandmothers were especially influential and taught me the value of elders, so when I got the chance to write for Edmonton Senior Newspaper, I jumped at it.

Click the links to read my work for Edmonton Senior Newspaper.

  • The City Gives Back: Each year the City of Edmonton recognizes the citizens who donate their time and energy to others. September 2015
  • Dementia Metamorphosis: A new model in long term care is transforming the way we take care of dementia patient. September 2015
  • Our Parents’ Place: A brand new housing facility in downtown Edmonton caters to the needs of Jewish senior. September 2015
  • Silver-Haired Stars of the Silver Screen: Residents and Staff at the Youville Home kick up their heels and throw on the makeup for a good cause. August 2015
  • A Tight Knit Community: Members of the South East Edmonton Seniors Association Activity Centre are sowing the seeds of love, one quilt at a time. August 2015
  • The Pharmaceutical Forest: Local ethnobotanist and author Robert Rogers takes urbanites on walking tours of the nurture within the city’s nature. August 2015
  • Take the Greenhouse Tour: Edmontonians are out in the gardens again, planting and weeding their hearts out. This year, why not try something different? June 2015
  • The Bees Knees: Pesticides are bringing the humble bumblebee to its knees; here is what you can do to help this beneficial insect. June 2015
  • Are You a Super Senior? A Canadian Cancer Society-supported research project wants Canadians to volunteer for a study on aging and health. May 2015
  • Cook Your Heart Out: The first Canadian Food Championship takes place in Edmonton this summer, and organisers are still looking for would-be chefs. May 2015
  • The Untold Side of History: Fort Edmonton Park will finally be mining and sharing the aboriginal side of local history. May 2015
  • Infrequently Asked Questions: The Royal Alberta Museum’s latest lecture series offers everyone a chance to dig deep. April 2015
  • The Beauty Within: The Strathcona Place Senior’s Center has created a writing competition for seniors to honour a cherished volunteer. April 2015
  • Goodbye, Bertha: Born to humble origins, Bertha Clark-Jones was a visionary Métis leader, elder and woman. March 2015
  • A Fresh Start: Iraqi- born artist Mahdi Neamah paints from the heart. March 2015

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast

I’ve written many academic essays, but writing encyclopedia entries was a fun way to get research-oriented work published.

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast, editor Merril D. Smith (Rowman & Littlefield. Lanham, Boulder, New York, and London, 2014).

  • “Art, Indian and African.”
  • “Cross-Dressing in History.”
  • “Hollywood.”