Rhonda Kronyk Consulting

Research. Write. Edit.


uring my ten+ years in university I learned to research any subject, analyze information to separate the valuable from the unnecessary, and convey that information in an easily readable manner. Now I use those skills to enhance your writing. I also use my storytelling skills to help you develop projects and write and submit grants that have a greater chance of success than those without stories. Stories are the core of who we are – people remember stories long after they have forgotten facts and data.

I’ve always enjoyed an ease with words. Language is like a puzzle – we shape it and play with it. We use it to tell stories and we use those stories to identify ourselves and our organizations.

That doesn’t mean words always come easily. A great deal of thought goes into choosing the best words and then putting them into beautifully crafted sentences and paragraphs that transition seamlessly from one to the next. But crafting those words is a large part of why I love writing and editing. Many people find that editing is dry, boring and soulless. But it doesn’t have to be. Truly good editing is an art form, and a truly good editor disappears into the background after she practices her art.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. “

Robert McKee