An Ode in Praise of My Beloved Editor

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An Ode in Praise of My Beloved Editor

There was a time the words would not come

My plot stalled, characters withered, setting faded

I called on you, my beloved editor

To analyze, amend, advise

You deconstructed my jumbled ramblings

Reconstructed coherent sentences, paragraphs, ideas

Crisis averted by your brilliant, sharp mind,

Your finesse in helping me past imposter syndrome


There was a time the text was a disaster

Run-on sentences, dangling participles, mis-used semi-colons

I again called on you, my beloved editor

To repair, replace, refine

You red inked passive voice, scare quotes, misplaced modifiers

Added commas, fixed spelling, and corrected tense

Crisis averted by your acuity, attention to detail

Your skill in seeing my story through the missteps


There was a time a publisher bought my manuscript!

No title page, table of contents, chapter titles

I called on you one last time, my beloved editor

To prepare, polish, package

You formatted headings, margins, page numbers,

Removed Comic Sans, indented paragraphs, double spaced lines

Crisis averted by your mastery of submission guidelines

Your prowess in coaching me over the finish line

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