Business Services

Written communication is a vital part of any business and should reflect your brand.

Digital Content and Website Audit


ebsite content and blog posts are an integral part of getting your business noticed online.

Whether you require content for two pages or for a larger website, I will create engaging and informative copy that convinces visitors to follow through on your call to action.

I can also write regular blog posts that can be used to convey product information, promote special events, or give visitors insight into your organization.


our website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your business and so is a critical component of customer engagement.

In a website audit I look for consistency in language, ease of use, missing information, and whether your digital content reflects your brand.

Proposals and Presentations


hether you are applying for external funding, developing new business relationships, or presenting financials at your annual general meeting, proposals and presentations are critical components of your communications plan.

Proposals and presentations often take several meetings with key personnel and a graphic designer. I write concise documents that include the necessary information and present them in a visually pleasing format.

I have known Rhonda for several years. We worked together closely when she was an editor at NAIT, and we collaborated to write the printed program for the Words in 3D 2015 conference. Rhonda is a skilled editor with a keen focus on detail and accuracy. She is also a talented writer with an eye for intriguing stories about people and their place in the world. I would recommend Rhonda for any position where she would use these skills. Rhonda can also contribute to any team as a highly organized strategic problem solver and a collaborative colleague. She is dedicated to her work and approaches it with a critical eye and an open heart.

Tracey Anderson
Freelance Writer and Editor

Branding and Style Guide


he language you use in written communication reflects on you and your organization.

I consult with you to decide on the tone you want to set in your writing. We make choices about formality, syntax and point of view to create an ‘attitude’ or feeling that expresses your organization’s purpose and goals.


very organization needs a style guide to help employees maintain your written brand.

Style guides are often based on commercial guides, and are are adapted to fit your brand. To create your style guide, I discuss your organization’s goals and review existing written material to determine your specific needs.

It doesn’t take long to see that Rhonda is a fantastic collaborator. She’s full of ideas and approaches projects with an excitement that quickly propels the work forward. The Edmonton Heritage Council was looking to conduct research on places of significance to Edmonton’s Aboriginal communities, and it only took one meeting with Rhonda to settle on a unique angle and a firm process. Rarely does a collaborator maintain such strong communication throughout the process, but Rhonda kept conversations flowing about emerging difficulties, new ideas, and was happy to knock around options for the best route forward. Ultimately, she delivered pieces that were clean, crisp and on schedule—pieces that we’re proud to have as part of Edmonton Maps Heritage and the Edmonton City as Museum Project.

Ryan Stevens
Communications Coordinator, Edmonton Heritage Council