o you have a story about Indigenous women on the prairies in the nineteenth century? Is it a personal story based in family history? Do you wish to share a song or tell a story that has been passed down through generations? Or are you an Indigenous scholar writing about women who never made it into colonial sources?

Keepers of the Land: Indigenous Women on the Prairies (19th century), a peer-reviewed anthology, will fill a gap in our knowledge about women whose importance to their families and communities has often been ignored. The University of Regina Press has provided a Letter of Interest, indicating their interest in publishing this volume (see link in sidebar). The anthology will be co-edited by Rhonda Kronyk, Sara Komarnisky, and Kisha Supernant.

One of the difficulties of writing about nineteenth-century Indigenous women is the lack of traditional source material. The editors encourage writers to question the academy and be creative in their use of sources and in their approaches. Potential sources include (but are not limited to): oral history, songs, poetry, traditional stories, recipes, family stories, arts and crafts, archives, biographies, and the prairie landscape itself. We are interested in a mix of scholarly and creative essays. We encourage collaboration between scholars and artists/knowledge keepers.

Please submit a short proposal (maximum 300 words) to [email protected], detailing your topic and how it fits into the vision of the volume. Include a list of maps, diagrams, or photographs you would like to include in the essay, and whether any graphics will require permissions. Please indicate if you identify as Indigenous or have a personal connection to the stories and include a short bio (maximum 50 words). Please note whether your essay will be scholarly or creative/personal.

We are accepting proposals until Sunday, October 2, 2016.

All essays must be previously unpublished.

If you have any questions or are unsure of whether a topic or source is in keeping with the volume, please contact Rhonda Kronyk at the above email address.

Thank you for your interest in helping to tell these important stories.

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To see the Letter of Interest from University of Regina Press, click here.

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Call for Proposals