.Editing Portfolio

Much of my editing work is done for private clients and cannot be posted here. It includes editing graduate students papers, helping students for whom English is their second or third language apply for programs and funding, writing and editing resumes, and editing academic journal articles.

Magazine Editing

Magazine editing requires a sharp eye for potential problems and the ability to turn work around quickly.

When needed, I contract as copyeditor for University of Alberta Publications such as Cornerstones.

I occasionally edit and provide comments for The Yards Magazine.

Edmonton City as Museum

My work for the Edmonton City as Museum Project (ECAMP) included basic training in copyediting and developing a style guide and checklists that meet the needs of ECAMP. Working in close consultation with staff, I used my knowledge of style guides and the work ECAMP publishes to determine the issues staff may encounter and demonstrate ways to address those issues. I also developed a style guide, editing checklist, and contributor checklist to help staff maintain consistency across the website.

Brill Academic Publishers

I’ve had the opportunity to copyedit several academic manuscripts for Brill.

Bridging Two Peoples

I helped Dr. Sherwin meet the recommendations of a peer review panel and then did a thorough copyedit of the manuscript.

Allan Sherwin. Bridging Two Peoples: Chief Peter E. Jones, 1843-1909 (Wilfred Laurier University Press, September 2012).