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How many times have you had a great idea, but let it go because you didn’t have the time to get it on paper? Or you have leadership lessons that would help others, but you aren’t comfortable writing. Maybe you need a company blog, but you don’t need a full-time writer on staff. The solution to each of these scenarios may be to hire a freelance writer. Here’s five reasons an outside writer can work for your business.

  1. Time: You’re a busy executive, thought leader or entrepreneur and know you must constantly produce new material for a content-hungry audience. You may have the ability to write compelling content, but unless writing is a way to relax during a busy day, your time is likely better spent running your business. This is especially true for writing a timely book, which can take months to finish – time that you can’t afford to take away from your work. Even a short e-book is a labour intensive process. If you simply don’t have the time to write, a freelance writer may be the perfect solution.
  1. Research and fact-checking: One of the biggest parts of most writing projects is research and fact-checking. Research can be as simple as pulling out company records, but it can also involve long hours in newspaper vaults and archives. Even a personal memoir requires research to provide context for your story. Hiring an outsider who doesn’t have any biases about the subject may produce surprising results during the research stage and save you a lot of tedious work.
  1. Efficiency: Freelancers are professional writers who spend their days writing; they tend to be good at it. They know how to efficiently research topics and conduct short, focused interviews that capture critical points quickly. They reach out to your content experts for clarification and deliver finished products – whether blog posts or a company history – with a minimum interruption to your business.
  1. Good writing is challenging: You may be a leader in your field, but that doesn’t always translate to writing. Writing relies strictly on words – body language, facial expressions and changes in voice cannot moderate your language. A professional writer carefully chooses words to convey your meaning accurately. And writing compelling content is harder than it looks. You may have been taught to fill your prose with beautiful descriptions and strings of adjectives worthy of a grade 10 English essay. Yet, content that keeps eyes on the page is simple, direct and clear. A professional writer keeps your message from disappearing in convoluted prose.
  1. Document formats: There are almost as many types of documents as there are ideas to put in them. You may be an excellent speechwriter, but not know how to write or format a business proposal, a white paper or a compelling magazine article. Yes, you can learn how to do these things, but doesn’t it make more sense to pay someone else to write documents you don’t have experience in?


So, next time you have a great idea or need a report written, explore your options and consider hiring a freelance writer who will make your life easier and deliver insightful content whenever you need it.

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