Alberta Indigenous Writers

Writers’ Guild of Alberta Research Project

As part of a research contract, I’m consulting with Indigenous writers in Alberta to better understand ways that the Writers’ Guild of Alberta can better support Indigenous writers in Alberta.

Far too often, Indigenous voices are drowned out — we need to work intentionally to change that dynamic. So I want to get to know you and learn what barriers you face. What unique needs do you have? What do non-Indigenous writers and readers need to know about you? Why do you think there is such a divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers and what needs to be done to address it? Or maybe, you don’t think these are issues that we need to pay special attention to – that’s also important. Are there other questions I haven’t considered?

Throughout my professional and volunteer work, I have witnessed the ways in which Indigenous voices can easily be silenced – both unintentionally and intentionally – and I try to right that wrong. Contributing to a project that seeks to find ways to bring those voices into the open excites me. As a person of First Nations/settler heritage, building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities is an important part of — and inspiration for — my work.

Is this project for you? If you are an Indigenous writer who lives in Alberta, the answer is yes! What type of writer, you ask? If you write in one of the following genres, I would love to speak with you:

  • poetry,
  • fiction,
  • non-fiction,
  • creative non-fiction,
  • essays
  • magazine articles,
  • journalism,
  • graphic novels
  • memoir and
  • young adult.

Did I miss any? Let me know.

Here are a few more criteria:

  • published,
  • unpublished,
  • self-published,
  • well-established,
  • emerging,
  • young,
  • not-so-young and
  • oral storytellers.

In short, if you are an Indigenous writer who lives in Alberta, I invite you to participate and add your knowledge and lived experience to the research. Once I’ve collected your ideas, concerns, suggestions and more, I’ll gather the data into a report and suggest programs and workshops that the Writers’ Guild of Alberta can consider in their goal to be more welcoming to Indigenous writers across the province.

I will be holding several community engagement sessions in June, July and early August. In Edmonton, we’ll meet in person and by Skype for the rest of the province. Sometimes we’ll speak as a group, sometimes one-on-one. If you’re interested in adding your voice to this project, please contact me at [email protected]