Communications by Rhonda

Research. Write. Edit.

My Writing and Editing Philosophy


riting needs to be accessible for readers. I write pieces that remove barriers between myself and my readers. That means cutting as much jargon as possible and explaining difficult concepts in easily understood ways.

Written communication is an art form that many have not had the opportunity to practice. Yet we all have ideas, stories, or philosophies that we want to tell our audience about. It’s my job to convey your thoughts in a professional way that reflects your personality and aims. All of my work is done in consultation with you so that I can learn about your goals for every piece. At the same time, I try to get a feel for your values so I can write in a tone that suits you.

Writing is a craft. Whether you need business material, a ghostwritten book, a magazine article, or a technical manual, I shape writing into compelling copy, beautiful prose, or easily understood directions. As a wordsmith, it’s my job to craft words according to your needs.


ditors should always disappear from the work they do. If I do my job well, readers will never know I’ve been part of your project. Above all, this is your work, and your voice and writing must take centre stage even as I polish your words until they shine.

There are many forms of editing – the choice depends on the project. Often thorough copyediting is sufficient. This can be as basic as standard spelling and grammar checks or as involved as the minor rewording of sentences or paragraphs to ensure clarity.

Occasionally a manuscript requires substantial editing. In this process, I look for arguments that are not complete, tangents that should be integrated into the argument or removed, and the logical procession of the elements of the argument. This is an involved process that often requires rewriting and open lines of communication.

Whether your manuscript needs basic grammar checks, substantial revisions, or something in-between, you want to give your work to an editor who takes the time to understand your target market and your needs.

Writing is about baring your soul