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White Indigenous Woman

In this together“White Indigenous Woman” is published in a collection called In This Together: Fifteen Stories of Truth and Reconciliation. Editor Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail (Brindle & Glass, 2016).

From the book cover:

Evocative and unsettling, In This Together is an eye-opening collection of personal essays by Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors from across Canada. Without flinching, the contributors – including journalists, academics, and artists – each explore their own “aha” moments regarding Canada’s colonial past and present to ask how we can all move forward in a spirit of reconciliation and anti-racism.

Featuring a candid conversation between the Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair and CBC radio host Shelagh Rogers, this book is both a catalyst for self-reflection and a call to action.

T8N Magazine

I have written several stories for T8N, one of my favorite local magazines.

Egg FreezingIn the sixties, the feminist movement told women they could have it all. Women took up the call for equality, fought for rights in the workforce, demanded equal pay, affirmative action—and are still doing so. In many respects, women have proven they can change almost all aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, our reproductive systems never got the memo, and fertility remains one place where women cannot exert their will to change the less-than-ideal window they’re given to conceive children—assuming it’s an option at all. However, a new process called vitrification offers some women the power to pause what may feel like an ever-ticking biological clock.

Income SuitesOwning a home has always been a privilege, but in today’s housing market, that privilege is starting to feel more like a fantasy—especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. But getting into the market isn’t the only hurdle: there’s staying in it, too. And as Canada’s housing market continues to grow—largely fuelled by Toronto, Vancouver and the greater Edmonton area—the number of homeowners overburdened by mortgages is growing, and many are looking for solutions. One of the popular ones? Create an income suite to help cover the mortgage costs and make the dream of home ownership a reality. Here we explore what that looks like in St. Albert.

For many employees, the idea of a lifelong career with the same organization is a concept left behind with shows like Leave It to Beaver. And though the workplace has changed since Beaver’s dad went to the office (thank goodness!), the idea of some “golly gee” politeness around the water cooler is not without its charms. Fortunately, many of today’s employers are investing in tools for fostering workplace wellness and mitigating conflict. Here are some simple strategies to help create a healthy workplace.

In September 2015, pictures of three-year-old Alan Kurdi’s body were splashed across news outlets around the world. Halfway around the world, in St. Albert, Helen Arnott was so moved by the pictures that she simply knew she had to do something.

River RidgePablo Picasso famously said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Well, River Ridge Retirement Home in St. Albert takes this to heart with its extensive recreation program—an important part of which is the art studio.

Technology was supposed to make our lives easier and give us more leisure time. Instead, it increasingly feels like we’re squeezed from all sides. And in our busyness, it’s gotten harder to connect romantically. But what if you turned technology to your advantage instead of relying on blind luck to find dates? I can hear you now: “What? Me? I could never!” Trust me, you could. Online dating has gotten more sophisticated and doesn’t need to be intimidating or embarrassing. Let’s explore how to get started.

One of the joys of summer is watching annuals and perennials blossom, shrubs grow larger and trees turn into leafy canopies. However, as trees fill out, you may notice that they aren’t quite as healthy-looking as they used to be. Well, don’t fret—you’re likely dealing with one of four common tree diseases here in Alberta: black knot, bronze leaf, poplar borer and ash leaf cone roller. The really good news? You might not need to take drastic action. Like any good doctor, your best defense is knowledge and preventative care. Here are the basics to get you started.

T8N Muttart Conservatory Even the hardiest of prairie dwellers occasionally needs a break from the winter. Thanks to a 40-year-old neighbour in the heart of Edmonton, that escape doesn’t have to mean an expensive vacation. No, if you’re looking for a warm and colourful break from the bleak, just visit the Muttart Conservatory.

 Have you ever seen charcuterie (pronounced shar-kood-eree) on the menu of your favourite restaurant but felt too intimidated to ask what everything was? Or maybe you want to serve a beautiful board of meats and cheese at your next cocktail party but don’t know how to create the perfect balance. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Have you ever watched a television show or film and wanted to rewrite a scene or ending? Or maybe you loved a book so much that you wanted the story to continue. Well, there’s a world of online platforms where you can do just that.

 Living in wintery Canada, it might seem odd to intentionally choose a drink with the word ice in its name. Yet Canadians are snapping up icewine in ever increasing amounts. This favourite, however, isn’t like your go-to Cabernet or Sauvignon Blanc that pairs effortlessly with most meals. It’s bossy! And pairing its intensely fruity sweetness can take some know-how. To help you get the most of your investment , here’s a quick look at how it’s made and some of the best ways to enjoy it.

 Think quilting is only for “certain types?” Ingrid Machtemes, the creative force behind Quiltessentials, disagrees. And she’s not just guessing. Her customers include students, -professionals, couples, grandparents and, yes, men. Machtemes also doesn’t buy into quilting as boring. Neither will you after setting foot inside the colourful world she’s created.

T8N Person or Party?

The federal election is upon us, and as voters, we’re faced with the privilege of having to choose. For many of us, that choice comes down to person or party. Sometimes that translates to a vote for the party or party leader; other times, it’s a vote for the person, regardless of political affiliation. Here in the St. Albert-Edmonton riding, voters are preparing to make that very decision.

Remember when cooking with fresh ingredients was part of our daily schedule and the kitchen actually was the heart of the home? Lynn Hillaby does. She’s the owner of Hillaby’s Tools for Cooks, a store inspired by the connections people make around the table and the “tools” that bring them together.