.Writing Services.

Storytelling is at the heart of communications.



s a magazine editor, you know the value of well-written stories submitted by deadline. Whether you need a writer on a regular basis or only occasionally, I can help fill your editorial needs.

I am an experienced researcher, so can take on any topic. I submit clean copy and am always willing to work with you to shape the story to fit the issue it is assigned for. I understand the value of style guides and always follow the magazine’s preferred guide.



hen you’re passionate about a subject and want to tell others about it, your first thought might be that you should write about it. But that can be a daunting prospect.

The answer might be to hire a ghostwriter. Whether you have written a manuscript that needs rewriting or you need help developing a nascent idea, I can help craft a memorable book, blog post, white paper, story, or report.

The beauty of ghostwriting is that you maintain your brand and the public face of your organization – you are the storyteller even if you had help communicating your story. After all, your ideas are at the heart of the final product.



inishing a manuscript is not the end of the work. Once you finish writing and editing, you must prepare your manuscript for submission and printing or e-book publishing.

The first step may be to format your work to meet your publisher’s specifications. Not all publishers require this step, but some do and formatting is challenging if you are unfamiliar with the software. Formatting is also an important part of publishing an e-book and requires knowledge of various e-book formats. I can help you determine the best formatting options and quickly get your manuscript ready for submission.

Once your publisher accepts your manuscript and the final copy is proofed, you need to create an index, often within a short amount of time. A simple index might be restricted to names and places. However, a truly useful index is based on concepts. Creating a conceptual index is a time-consuming process that is best left until just before the manuscript goes to print. In consultation with you, I create a list of concepts and develop an index.



hether you have a book idea that you would like to talk to someone about, you need advice on self-editing, or you have questions about being a freelancer, we can meet in person or by Skype.

Consulting sessions can be formal or informal and may be as basic as questions and answers about general aspects of writing, editing, and publishing. They can also be discussions about how to structure your non-fiction book, outlining a story, or getting a pitch ready for submission.