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I Am Rhonda Kronyk

From the time I was a child, a lot of my free time was spent deep in the imaginary worlds of authors whose words captivated me. I still remember the joy of going through the wardrobe to Narnia, running with Misty on Chincoteague, and solving mysteries with the Hardy Boys. That love of language and stories led me to focus on arts courses at community college and university. I have a BA Honours and an MA in history, both from the University of Alberta.

Crafting Your Story.


I’ve always loved words and the stories we
create with them. Let me help you tell
your stories in meaningful ways.


... Sparkle!

I spent many semesters in the English department and improved my writing and language skills considerably. A history degree, especially in Medieval and Early Modern British history, may seem like an odd choice for an editor, but the program I was in taught us several skills that I use daily in my work. These include critical thinking, research and fact checking, academic and non-fiction writing, and manuscript editing.