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Services I Offer Fiction and Non-Fiction Manuscripts

Book Coaching
Authenticity Reading
Substantial Editing
Researching and Fact-Checking

As for authors.
Pre-acquisition manuscript suitability reports:
Review the suitability of manuscripts for a Canadian audience who is becoming used to changes in EDI language.
Reading reports:
Review structural elements with a focus on EDI language and suggestions for change.
In-house style guide reviews for Indigenous and EDI content.
Workshops and webinars:
Information on making the publishing industry more accessible for all traditionally underrepresented voices, including people from diverse communities who play a role in the non-writing aspects of publishing (e.g. acquiring editors, copyeditors, artists, etc.)

Guest lectures:
Information about how new publishing professionals can contribute to improving the accessibility of the publishing industry for traditionally underrepresented voices.

Why Hire Me?

Given the specialty work I often do, my ability to understand the ways that words can either cause joy or harm is an important part of the work I do. Additionally, the historical significance of events has been a critical component of the structural and copyediting I offer. It allows me to suggest historical and current information that authors can include in their manuscript to strengthen their arguments — this is especially true for non-fiction writing. However, I frequently use my knowledge of Indigenous experiences in the other genres I edit, including fiction and memoir. Let’s talk more about why I’m the best editor for your project.